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Gear Up for Action

Experience an exhilarating military simulation at Blue Collar Farm’s Airsoft Arena in Long Island.

Test your strategic planning, teamwork, and marksmanship in our adrenaline-charged arenas.

As your guide to the exciting world of airsoft, we offer indoor and outdoor settings, upcoming events, training opportunities, and fantastic local options for new and seasoned players.

Gear up and embark on an incredible airsoft journey with us.


About Us

We’ve all seen the movies, we all know the heroes. Have you wondered how you would measure up if given the opportunity?

Now you can find out. Learn the correct ways from our heroes who have lived through the blood, the sweat and the tears to protect Americas Freedom.

Are you ready for the next EVOLUTION?

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For inquiries, bookings, or to start your airsoft journey, call us today at (516) 993-6378.

We’re committed to providing an immersive experience for all skill levels and building lasting customer relationships.



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Meet Our Team

Battle-Hardened Heroes: Meet Our Ex-Military Veteran Trainers
for an Intense Close Quarter Combat Course.