Frequently Asked Questions

Experience the excitement of fitness and tactical training while also prioritizing safety. At our airsoft facility we enforce rules like no blind firing, and mandatory eye protection to ensure a fantastic and safe experience for all.

Sportsmanship and honor is what we pride ourselves on. 

When you enter our field, you commit to these rules: keeping goggles on during play, respecting boundaries, firearm safety, and following field staff and instructor directions at all times! 

Playing safe is our number one priority. 

Whether you’re new to our field or a returning player, remember that following these rules means everyone can enjoy the thrill of airsoft safely and respectfully.

Eyewear, comfortable light weight clothing. Closed shoes. You’ll be doing obstacles, fitness, and shooting targets.

We provide rental gear eye wear, helmets, vests, airsoft firearms, and airsoft bbs for purchase.

Each time slot is one hour

Obstacle, fitness and airsoft tactical games.

You should bring enough for three magazine

They are constantly changing, nothing is ever the same except some big parts to the obstacle course.


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