Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Photo/ Video Release

I authorize the use of my appearance by Blue Collar Farm

Adventures. I understand that I am to receive no compensation for any appearance. Blue Collar Farm shall have sole and complete ownership of the media capture.

I authorize Blue Collar Farm to use photo, video and voice. I authorize Blue Collar Farm to make copies of the photographs and recordings for the purposes of education, promotion, marketing or advertising. I further understand that the master copies are the property of Blue Collar Farm and I hereby assign all right, title and interest I may have in any and all photos taken on the Premises to Blue Collar Farm and consent to the use of such photos for promotional and marketing purposes at the sole discretion of the Blue Collar Farm. I understand that I will inform Blue Collar Farm in advance if I choose not to be part of any photo or video taken.

Agreement to Follow Rules:

I HEREBY AGREED TO ABIDE BY ALL RULES SET FORTH BY BLUE COLLAR FARM (INCLUDING, IF APPLICABLE TO ME, SUCH RULES REGARDING OBSTACLE SPORTS ACTIVITIES SET FORTH ON SCHEDULE A HERETO AND SUCH RULES HERETO). Rules are subject to change at any time in Blue Collar Farm sole discretion. Any violation of the rules may result in the immediate expulsion from the Premises, including the possibility of being permanently banned from the Premises. Returning to the Premises after being permanently banned will be considered trespassing, which Blue Collar Farm will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

<<<<<<<< YOU BREAK YOU PAY POLICY >>>>>>>>>>>

Any equipment (new at our sales shop or rental equipment) shall be returned in the same conditions it was given. Any damaged or lost items shall be paid in full by the customer or responsible party.Blue Collar Farm.

Rules (General).

o Risk of harm or injury from the Activities, acts of God, failure or malfunction of equipment (including equipment rented from Blue Collar Farm), exposure to weather, elements, excessive heat, hypothermia, impact of body upon the water, injection of water into my bodily orifices, encountering natural and man-made hazards, uneven terrain, falling tree limbs, attack by or encounters or exposure to insects, reptiles, snakes, and/or other wild animals with the intent of kicking, biting, stinging or moving in an unanticipated manner causing injury and/or death, theft, vandalism, risk of diminished reaction time and the increased risk of accident or injury to myself or others due to fatigue, chill and/or dizziness of myself or others, or other acts or omissions by me or others participating in the Activities. Injuries or harm that could result from the above include, without limitation, mental or physical injury, disease, strains, sprains, fractures, partial or total paralysis, eye injury, blindness, heat stroke, heart attack, partial or permanent disability, death, or other serious bodily injury.

o Harm, injury or even death due to my own negligence and/or the negligence of others, including, but not limited to, contact with other participants and/or fixed or moving objects, operator error or guide decision making, misjudging terrain, weather, trails or route direction.

o Risk of delayed or no medical treatment due to accidents or illness occurring in remote places where there are no available medical facilities. I understand there are trained medical personnel on staff with Blue Collar Farm. I authorize Blue Collar Farm to provide basic first aid and to seek medical attention, including calling 911.

o Player must register and sign this Agreement and pay all required fees before participating in any Activities.

o All markers must be chronographed before play maximum of 285 fps (ask a staff member if you don’t understand this).

• Maintain a family atmosphere: no profanity, fighting, or other inappropriate behavior.

o No alcohol or drugs are allowed on the Premises at any time, regardless of age.

o Smoking/vaping is permitted in parking area only.

o Please be respectful and throw away your cigarette butts in appropriate containers.


Anyone caught raising or removing his or her mask on the paintball field may be expelled.

o No shooting in parking lot area or Neutral Zones. Gun barrel plugs are required in these areas and or removal of magazines.

o Do not shoot, shoot at, or otherwise annoy or harass any animals or people.

o Do not climb any fences or the exterior of any structures on the Premises.

o Do not adjust or work on rental markers or equipment.

o Anyone caught raising FPS levels during play will be removed from the Premises.

o Random chronographs may be performed.

o All decisions of Safety Officers (referee) are final.

Arguing with the decision of a Safety Officer may lead to removal from the Premises.

o If you are removed from the Premises for any violation of these rules, you will not receive a refund. If you return after being permanently banned, you will be prosecuted for trespassing, to the fullest extent of the law.

o You must report any unsafe activity or material on the field of play to a Safety Officer at your first chance.

o Anyone who intentionally shoots field signs or equipment, or otherwise willfully damages any portion of the Premises in any way, will be required to pay replacement costs and may be removed from and permanently banned from the Premises.

o Activities are for fun and the Honor System is in use.

No cheating!