Introduction to CQB Course 9am -1pm

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CQB 1 Airsoft  

When it comes to protecting your home and loved ones, having a solid plan and understanding the principles of Close Quarters Battle (CQB) can significantly enhance your ability to respond effectively in a home defense situation. Our CQB techniques, are developed and refined by military and law enforcement professionals, who provide valuable insights into maneuvering, engaging threats, and maintaining situational awareness in confined spaces.  In our class you will learn how to use both a airsoft pistol and an airsoft rifle. 

1. Understanding CQB Principles:

CQB principles revolve around the concepts of speed, surprise, and violence of action. They focus on efficient movement, maintaining situational awareness, and quickly neutralizing threats in close-quarters environments. Adaptation of these principles to a home defense context requires a balance between form, technique, sound tactics, and considering the unique layout and potential hazards within your home. 

Our rooms and walls are movable so there is always a different situation when you come train at Blue Collar Farm. 

2. Communication and Coordination:

Effective communication and coordination are vital in a home defense scenario. Establish clear and concise verbal commands for family members to follow during an emergency. Practice these commands regularly to ensure they become second nature. Assign roles and responsibilities to each family member to maintain order and prevent confusion. Implement a communication plan that includes hand signals or a reliable means of communication within the safe room.

3. Developing a Home Defense Plan:

We go through all different scenarios on how to develop a home defense plan. We work on potential entry points,  identify areas of vulnerability and talk about the implementation of security measures such as window locks, and alarm systems, secure doors. We work on  primary and secondary evacuation routes.

4. Maintain Situational Awareness:

In a home defense situation, maintaining situational awareness is critical. Keeping yourself informed and aware,  knowing where potential threats or hiding spots may be.  By staying alert and actively scanning your environment, you can quickly identify and respond to potential threats.

5. Clearing and Moving Techniques:

In a home defense scenario, understanding proper clearing and moving techniques is essential.  Maintain a low profile, moving quickly from one piece of cover to another. You’ll learn all of this and so much more at Blue Collar Farm!