Shawna Mendelson


Shawna Mendelson is one of the founders of Blue Collar Farm. She has been in the Strength/ Fitness industry since the early 2000’s. Her and her husband currently own Blue Collar Barbell in Bohemia NY.  Shawna is one of the most sought out strength and conditioning coaches in the industry. She’s a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) through NASM, and has a MS degree in Kinesiology/Sports science and is certified in nutrition and diabetes health.

Shawna has numerous world records and all time world records in the sport of powerlifting and is known as one of the strongest women in the world. 

Her best lifts to date are 725lb Squat, 565lb Bench Press, and a 525lb Deadlift. 

Besides powerlifting, Shawna is also a world record holder thrower in Scottish Highland Games.  

Shawna represents the International Powerlifting Association as the New York State Chairman.

Now Shawna brings her passion to a new type of physical challenge!! Blue Collar Farm! Do you have what it takes!